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About LC Helms

Do you ever feel lost, wondering where you belong? Have life's bumps and curves reshaped you into someone you no longer recognize?


As life presents itself, heartaches come and go and disappointments begin to tell us who we are, and feelings emerge that distance us and tell us we don't belong.

Join me on a soul journey, a quest that will require strength of heart, patience and acceptance, a willingness to love all that you are. This quest might be long and arduous, even painful at times. But along the way you will discover who you really are, and this discovery will lead you home.


   Will you follow me toward home? To that place of inner peace where there is true acceptance of the self? I pray you have the desire.

"I used to see myself in the reflection of your light. Now I see the image of myself forming through the light in my own eyes."--LC Helms


LC's journey:

     I grew up with a love for books. It all started with my mother who read beautiful stories to me every night. I loved getting lost inside the written word. My writing began  when I was twelve years old.


By the time I had my first child I had published in trade magazines, poetry anthologies, and had written a first novel, all under the pseudonym Carol Lorin. But life happened and the journey I was experiencing didn’t have time for words. I never pursued the publishing of that first novel, and strangely, can’t even find the manuscript now.

Years later my son became a science-fiction author and wouldn’t stop nagging until I put pen to paper again. I did, and my love for words was reborn. I haven't stopped writing since. Now, I use words and face fear through the adventures in my stories; my characters and my stories help me find my way home.


I enjoy crafting short stories, writing blogs, and am editing my second, first novel. I also want to live my own stories with the grit and tenacity I give to my characters. 

My hopes are that within my stories readers will fall in love with their own journey of self-discovery and gain insight into their own struggles. More importantly, I hope to leave an indelible truth of hope and faith in God for my readers and, through his light and love, help others find their own way home..

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