About LC Helms

LC grew up with a love for books. It all started with her mother who read beautiful stories to her every night. Once a month during her elementary school years, the small library truck would come to her consolidated school in rural Maine. She loved to get lost in those books and began writing poetry and short stories when she was twelve years old.


By the time she had her first child she had published in trade magazines, poetry anthologies, and had written a first novel, all under the pseudonym Carol Lorin. But then life happened and the journey she was experiencing didn’t have time for words. She never pursued publishing of that first novel, and strangely, can’t even find the manuscript now.

Years later her son became an author of many science fiction novels and wouldn’t stop nagging until she put pen to paper again, which she did, and her love of words was reborn. She hasn’t stopped writing since. Now, she uses words to find her way back home. She enjoys crafting short stories, writing blogs, and is currently editing her second, first novel. Her favorite past time is writing complex characters with a mystery to solve and internal struggles to overcome, but who have enough grit and tenacity to plunge into deep waters where intrigue and adventure thicken the plot.

LC hopes readers will fall in love with her characters and gain insight into their own struggles as they journey along with the character’s internal and external conflicts. Most importantly, LC hopes to leave an indelible truth of hope and faith in God with her readers and, through his light and love, find their own way home..


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