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Gwen Hinkle Author Spotlight LC

Author Spotlight

Gwen Hinkle is a new and upcoming writer who enjoys blogging about life experiences and at times she will include a short story for fun.  Gwen states that everyone’s trek on this earth can be difficult and overwhelming at times and she points out that each person needs a boost sometimes to help them keep moving forward in their journey.  Her pieces not only offer hope and inspiration, but you’ll enjoy her humorous and joyous approach to life.  She has written her first fiction manuscript and is in the middle of the editing process with the dream of one day having it published.  With her persistence and stubbornness, she will undoubtedly succeed.

Gwen is a home health nurse and still has a few years yet before she retires so she continues seeing patients in homes and facilities.  This year a new layer of stress was added to her job with the Corona virus.  As she talks about often in her blogs, God is with her giving her strength to manage the stress and anxiety so she can do her job successfully.

As a young girl writing was never one of her favorite things to do and she often found that English and writing classes were her least desirable courses to take.  It wasn’t until Gwen started thinking about what she wanted to do after she retired that writing became a new interest.  At times she’ll hear her mom’s voice saying, “Don’t you wish you would have paid more attention in your English classes?”  Why is it that Moms are always right?  Writing is now a new passion for Gwen. Even though the mechanics of writing may slow her down, she is conquering the blank page by writing the stories that are swimming around in her head.  

Gwen enjoys living in a rural area with her family, and Sam her black lab, on a small hobby farm in Oregon.  Spending time with family and friends is one of her greatest joys, but most of all, Gwen loves to laugh and have fun.
This writer also believes, herself included, that each person’s life needs a healthy balance of trials to help them grow and mature.  But in order to endure this trek on earth everyone needs a nice mix of joy, laughter, and plenty of time to have fun.  She believes that God has a ton of blessings to shower upon us and we just need to accept and enjoy these gifts.  

Gwen also shared that her life is never boring and wonders if maybe God forgot what the allotted number of trials for her life is.  She says that God definitely keeps her on her toes, and He has never lacked in blessing her beyond measure.  

Join Gwen on her web site,, and check out her blogs along with her book recommendations for your next great read. We’ll also keep our eyes peeled for her upcoming novel’s release. Keep writing Gwen. You’re doing great so far!  

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