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LC's Book Recommendations

The Night Child by Anna Quinn

Anna Quinn fearlessly takes the reader on a journey through Nora Brown's dilemmas and discoveries as this English teacher and mother suddenly plunges into darkness when she begins to see an apparition of a young child. Unsure of what is happening to her, she seeks professional help. A secret emerges and Nora begins to relive early unresolved childhood trauma. It's a story of hope and resilience despite powerful odds. Will Nora spiral into darkness and lose herself in the trauma of the past or will she bravely re-enter that darkness in search of truth and wholeness?
Enter Nora's world and follow her on a journey to find answers. But can she handle the truth without breaking apart and losing everything? As a mental health counselor, I find that true healing requires taking a quest and a long journey back through the darkness to find hope and regeneration, but only when we're ready and we have the proper road mad to get there. There is always hope if one is determined and brave enough to allow others to walk alongside as they pursue wholeness.
Elizabeth Berg book home safe.JPG
Home Safe by Elizabeth Berg
Home Safe is a richly written story of the complexities of life, family and relationships. Yet, through this story's mix of transition and grief, turmoil, twists, and this character's surprising discoveries, Berg sprinkles in lots of comfort, hope, and courage.
Helen Ames, a writer struggling with grief and writer’s block, is shocked when she finds out that a huge chunk of her family's life savings is missing, and her husband isn't alive to question.
Forced to deal with issues she’s long been avoiding, she embarks on an emotional journey toward wholeness and change. Will her discoveries tear apart her relationship with her daughter or draw them closer and allow her to move on with her life?
Find out for yourself in this humorously witty and well-written story by the beloved writer, Elizabeth Berg.
The Last Draft.jpg
The Last Draft by Sandra Scofield
This is a non-fiction how to guide for writers who are editing their completed novel, short story, or wanting to revise their work. Sandra takes the writer through the editing and revision process step by step with wonderful assignments and tools that will make your manuscript sparkle. She provides priceless tools for your writer's toolbox that you can utilize again and again.
Even if you don't have a finished manuscript, reading her book will improve your writing. Sandra is also the author of The Scene Book. These books are priceless and ones every writer must have in their toolbox.
Buried Secrets by Irene Hannon

In book one of the Men of Valor series, ​ex-Navy SEAL, Mac Macgregor works with police chief Lisa Grant to solve a mystery when a construction crew finds, not a body, but a skeleton in an unmarked grave. Romance and danger surround Macgregor and Grant as they work to solve the strange case, and someone will stop at nothing to keep these secrets buried.


This mystery-suspense will grab onto you and keep you reading until the last clue is revealed. Check out Irene Hannon's website and take a peek at the other books in this series. (Thin Ice and Tangled Webs). I recommend this inspirational suspense if you like mystery, intrigue, and romance. Hannon does it again.

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers

If you've ever read the biblical story of Hosea and his dedicated pursuit and love for Gomer, and you also enjoy reading books within the time period of the late 1800's and the California Goldrush, you'll love this novel. I recommend this book for its message of hope , long-suffering, and unconditional love. Rivers' writes with a unique style and is able to take us into the hearts and minds of each character and awaken our feelings as we cheer them on. I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. 

Exciting news from the publisher!  Two new Redeeming Love products this fall.  One a devotional titled A Path to Redeeming Love and the other a companion study guide to Redeeming Love.   They will release on Oct. 30th 2020. 

FreeFall by Rhonda Robinson

A true and powerful story of hope, faith, and healing as a family deals with the unthinkable tragedy of losing one of their children. I recommend this book as a source of hope and witness of victory as the reader peers through the window of another family's tragic loss. Her beautiful words examines how they moved toward healing and wholeness despite all odds.


Rhonda bravely writes this novel to women experiencing tragedy and encourages others to find their way out of the darkness.

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